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How To Use Hemp Oil for Pets


More and more people are incorporating CBD and hemp products into their everyday lives. These products boast a wealth of potential benefits to people, and many pets will enjoy those same benefits. It all depends on the kind of hemp products you use in your pet’s routine.

Hemp seed oil and hemp extract are two completely different things. They both come from the same plant, but they have different nutritional and cannabinoid profiles that dictate the way they work. 

Before you start using hemp products for your pets, you need to be sure you’re using the right kind of hemp product.

The Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD

Hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant. It doesn’t naturally contain any CBD. Hemp seed oil is rich in beneficial omega fats and is often used as a topical solution or a cold oil additive to recipes that call for one, like salad dressings. 

CBD is extracted from the greenery of a fully grown hemp plant. Hemp products that contain CBD will often specifically state that they contain CBD, and will also list the total amount of CBD per container. If the product does not state the amount of CBD it contains, it’s likely hemp seed oil. 

It is worth noting that CBD can be added to hemp seed oil, but again, the packaging and labeling will then specifically notate how much CBD is in a serving and how much CBD is in that specific product. 

The Benefits of CBD

CBD is still being studied for its benefits to humans and animals. While results are promising, research is still too early to call for CBD as a solution to ailments or most health conditions. 

So far, research suggests that CBD can support several key functions in humans and animals alike:

  • Supporting joint mobility
  • Supporting gastrointestinal health
  • Supporting healthy brain function
  • Calming and soothing feelings of emotional discomfort

CBD is generally regarded as safe for both humans and pets, particularly if it has been tested by a third-party lab to assure its quality and check for potential contaminants. It isn’t possible to overdose on CBD, and the potential for side effects is very low. 

CBD and THC are fundamentally different. THC is the compound in the cannabis plant that binds to the brain and body’s cannabinoid receptors and creates a “high.” CBD won’t get you or your pet high. It simply interacts with receptors associated with homeostatic processes of the body. 

The Benefits of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil offers different benefits. Ingesting hemp oil has dietary benefits, and topically applied hemp oil may be beneficial for skin health while also working to provide joint and muscle support.

Hemp seed oil is naturally rich in omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 fats. These essential healthy fats help the brain and body to function. They’re the kind of fats that dieticians and doctors often tout for their overall health benefits. Hemp seed oil is one of the best bioavailable dietary sources of these fats, and its omega profile is comparable to things like fatty fish. 

Hemp seed oil and hemp seed protein products can be a valuable addition to a vegan diet, as they provide many essential and valuable fats and proteins that may be difficult to meet through a diet free from animal products.

This is an important place to note that this is not the case for your pets. Pets should never be placed on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Wholesome, complete nutrition should come from well-balanced pet food.

The second set of benefits related to hemp oil comes from its properties as an occlusive moisturizer. Hemp oil can help to draw and trap moisture to the skin. Hemp is commonly added to moisturizers, lotions, soaps, shampoos, and conditioners for its skin protective and moisturizing properties. 

Using Hemp Oil for Pets

Pets with dry skin or fur may benefit from small amounts of topically applied hemp oil. As long as the source of dry skin is not an infection or a dietary imbalance that requires the intervention of a veterinarian, hemp oil can become a useful tool for nourishing dryness.

Owners of less conventional pets, like pigs, may find that hemp oil massages are perfect to moisturize their pig’s naturally dry skin. 

It’s best to use pure, organic hemp seed oil. Lotions prepared with hemp often contain artificial colors or fragrances that will further irritate dry skin, negating the moisturizing effects hemp extract has to offer.  

Note that a very small amount of oil will go a long way. Use dime-sized amounts at a time to ensure you don’t leave your pet excessively oily. Your pet may lick excess oil off the skin, causing gastrointestinal upset or unintended weight gain. That oil may also transfer to your couch or your pet’s bedding when they come into contact with upholstered surfaces.

Using CBD for Pets

Hemp-derived CBD for pets comes in several forms. Each form has different uses, advantages, and disadvantages. Consider your intention when using CBD for your pets, and choose the form that best satisfies the criteria you’re seeking. 

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are made of hemp extract suspended in some kind of carrier oil. They often come in glass bottles with glass droppers. VETCBD Hemp’s pet CBD tincture comes with a safer plastic syringe that won’t shatter in your pet’s mouth, and we use organic extra virgin olive oil as a carrier to provide additional nutrient benefits. 

CBD tinctures can be given directly to animals from the syringe. Some animals are hesitant to take anything from a syringe, particularly if they have negative associations with medicines or supplementation that involved the use of a syringe.

Pets who won’t take CBD directly may be more willing to take it if it’s evenly distributed over a large spoonful of their favorite wet food. 

CBD Treats or Chews

CBD treats or chews are CBD-infused snacks for your dog. These are intended to replace your pet’s regular treats or snacks. About 90 percent of what an animal eats should be balanced and nutritious pet food. CBD treats should fall into the other 10 percent of their diet to avoid adding unnecessary calories, especially if your pet is on a diet for weight management. 

Topical CBD Balms

Topical CBD balms are used as a skincare product. Massaging topical balms onto the skin may help to protect skin with minor irritations or dryness. It can also help to support joint mobility in pets who are not as active or playful as they used to be.

Topical CBD works differently from CBD tinctures. For optimal results, the two forms should be used simultaneously. 

How Often To Use CBD and Hemp Seed Oil for Pets

While CBD and hemp seed oil are two different products, they each serve beneficial purposes for your pet’s wellness. 

Topically applied hemp seed oil can be used once or twice daily on minor skin irritations or dry skin until the condition of the skin improves.

CBD’s effects last anywhere from 8 to 12 hours, and its benefits are more pronounced with continued use. 

Start by giving your pet CBD twice daily. If it’s well tolerated by your pet, you can give your pet CBD every eight hours. After a month or so, you should begin to see overall wellness benefits for your pet.

VETCBD Hemp’s CBD topicals and tinctures are the perfect addition to your pet’s wellness routine. Our CBD products are developed by a team of veterinarians who value holistic approaches to animal care. Our American-grown hemp-derived CBD is triple lab tested for quality and purity. 

We know you want the best for your pet, and we’d never ask you to settle for less.



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