Situational Uses

As pet owners, we know how important it is to keep our furry family happy and stress-free. That’s why we’ve put together a handy list of common situations that can cause stress in pets. From fireworks and thunderstorms to vet visits and moving homes, these scenarios can really make our pets feel uneasy. But fret not! We’ve got you covered with tips and strategies to help you navigate these stress-inducing situations like a pro. So, let’s dive in and learn how to keep our four-legged pals calm and content in any situation life throws at us!

Dog Separation Anxiety

Separation Stress

Remote work increased exponentially over the past couple of years due to Covid. Your pet has absolutely loved that you have been spending every waking moment with them! It has been a dream come true for many. Now that offices are starting to open again, these remote positions are starting to return back to the way they were. Where does that leave your best friend?? This has affected many pets to become extremely anxious and stressed about you leaving the house. They bark, dig, destroy, anything to fill the time and to let it be known that this new change is no bueno. There are things you can do to help with your pets’ separation anxiety. VetCBD is just one of the tools to help assist.
Give the recommended dosage 30 minutes to an hour prior to leaving the house to help with calming. Also, make sure to exercise your pet before leaving them alone for long periods of time. If your pet experiences the stress of being alone, try providing them with a comfortable and familiar space to rest in, along with some toys or treats to keep them occupied. You can also try gradually increasing the amount of time you spend away from your pet to help them adjust to being alone. For more tips, you can call our customer support line and speak with our registered veterinary professional.

Pet Adoption

Adopting a rescue pet can be a very exciting time for the whole family. Giving a pet a home to call their own is a big decision and one that should be thought through in its entirety. Most pets that end up in rescue facilities have unknown histories and unfortunately have experienced some kind of trauma in the past. Some of these pets will need to learn how to trust again, and some just need a little help adapting to their new environments. VetCBD has helped hundreds, if not thousands of rescue pets nationwide with organizations like Best Friends Animal Society and Wagmor, to help make smooth transitions into their furever homes. A twice daily regimen of our CBD products can assist in calming your new family member and bring the love and trust back into their hearts
Cat in Kennel
Situational uses

Loud Noises

Crash, Bang, Boom! Loud noises such as thunderstorms or fireworks can be overwhelming for pets causing severe trembling, hiding, and even running away from home. Statistics show that there is a 30-60% increase in lost pets between July 4th and 6th. Give CBD to your pet prior to known loud events to help soothe those nerves. You can also try creating a safe and comfortable space for your pet to retreat to during loud events, such as a cozy bed or crate.

Travel and Car Rides

If you are like us, you love traveling with your pet. Whether it be a quick trip to the park or a cross country adventure with the whole family, it’s alway best to be ready for the unexpected. Just like humans, pets can experience motion sickness. CBD can help calm nerves and reduce motion sickness! If your pet is prone to car stress, try taking shorter trips and gradually increasing the duration of the ride to help them adjust. You can also try using a comfortable harness or carrier to help your pet feel more secure. VetCBD can help alleviate that nauseous feeling so that the whole family can have fun again! Try giving your pet CBD 30 min-1 hour prior to travel.

Dog Vet Visit

Vet visits

I thought we were going to the park! We have all seen that look on our pets face when driving up to the veterinary office. Visiting the vet can be a traumatic experience for some. CBD can not only help your pet feel at ease but can also be helpful to the veterinary staff when it comes to handling and exams. Make their trip enjoyable by visiting your veterinary office just to say hi to the staff and give them a treat! Teach your pet that not all visits to the vet are scary but can be fun too!

New Environments and Moving

Dogs and cats can get very scared when introducing them to unfamiliar environments, but CBD can help them adjust more easily. Try introducing your pet to new places gradually and bring familiar items such as a blanket, bed, or toy. Over time, your pet will start to relax and enjoy their new surroundings.

Grooming and Bathing

For most of us, a grooming session means sit back, relax, and get pampered. Some pets find this experience terrifying and can be very difficult to groom. You can help take the edge off by using CBD to help calm and soothe your pet. If you know that your pet dislikes being groomed, do you due diligence by researching groomers who have experience working with fearful pets. A little love, patience, and CBD goes a long way.

Crate Training

Oh no…the dreaded crate! Crate training can be stressful on both pet parent and pet! To make the process a smoother one, include CBD in your training to alleviate any stress or fear your pet may have. Don’t forget to make this exercise fun and use toys! Fill a KONG toy with pet friendly filler and freeze overnight. Give the KONG to your pet when putting it in carrier and they will keep busy for hours!

Boarding or Kennelling

Wait, aren’t I coming with you?! Sometimes we just can’t bring our fur friends on every trip and boarding is our only solution. Using CBD can help calm your pet while you are gone. Most, if not all, boarding facilities will give your pet their VetCBD Hemp while staying at their facility so that they can enjoy their time. Don’t forget to research these facilities beforehand and visit them with your pet so that they can feel more comfortable.

Aging and Mobility

As pets age, their mobility decreases, which can worry their owners. Joints stiffen, muscles weaken, and physical abilities decline. Moving, jumping, and climbing stairs may become more challenging, leading to frustration, reluctance, and pain. Owners may feel sad and helpless watching their once-lively pet struggle. It’s crucial to provide a supportive environment that meets their aging pet’s needs, like comfortable bedding, gentle exercise, and consulting with a vet for pain management and mobility aids. With patience, understanding, and proper care, and CBD, owners can help their aging pets maintain a good quality of life and enjoy their companionship for years to come.

Meeting Other Animals

Planning to introduce your pet to new animals? Feeling anxious? You’re not alone! It’s natural to worry about how your beloved companion will react, especially if they’re not used to socializing with other animals. But don’t fret! With careful planning, patience, and a calm approach, you can manage the stress associated with these introductions. Take simple steps to create a safe and harmonious interaction, addressing concerns about aggression, territory, or potential injuries. CBD can help ease the process.
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