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Hemp Chews for Dogs: How To Make the Best CBD Dog Treats


Hemp-derived CBD is gaining popularity among pet owners who prefer to take a holistic approach to their four-legged companion’s wellness. If you want to make sure that your dog is getting the best quality CBD in the form of a nutritious treat, making those treats at home puts you in complete control of the ingredients. 

When you decide to incorporate CBD into your dog’s wellness plan, there are a few things you should consider. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of CBD will help you choose the delivery method your pup will be most responsive to. 

The Benefits of CBD for Dogs

When used appropriately, CBD can help to support your dog’s overall wellness. CBD supports regular brain health, normal gastrointestinal health, and overall joint mobility in pets. It also works to calm pets, soothing feelings of restlessness and tension in times of increased stress. Many pet owners use CBD to ease feelings of stress in their pets during thunderstorms or holiday fireworks. 

Before making any changes to your pet’s routine, consult your veterinarian. This is especially important if your dog is on a special diet or is taking medication. Using lab-tested CBD at weight-appropriate doses ensures that your dog is receiving a safe dose of high-quality CBD.

CBD Oil vs. CBD Treats

CBD treats are a valuable solution for many pet owners who want to introduce their dog to CBD, but meet resistance when presenting CBD in other forms. This is a common problem that dog owners face. Getting dogs to take anything presented in a way similar to medicine can be tricky. However, there may be advantages to convincing your dog to take CBD in its natural state.

The Pros and Cons of CBD Oil for Dogs

Pet-safe CBD tinctures are the most straightforward way to supply your dog with CBD. They offer optimal control to pet owners, but their efficiency is only helpful if the dog doesn’t refuse the dose. 


  • Less added calories
  • Easy to control dosage
  • Can be added to any food or treat

Since CBD oil isn’t premixed into a dog treat, it’s easy to fit into your dog’s diet. You won’t need to make adjustments to account for additional calories if you’re not administering CBD-infused treats. Dogs can continue to enjoy their favorite healthy snacks. Depending on the nature of the treat, CBD can also be added to the treats your dog already loves. 

It’s also easier to control dosage with CBD oil. With premade treats, each treat already has a specific amount of CBD. If you’re looking to start your dog off with a very low dose, or if your dog’s need for CBD is gradually increasing, providing the optimal dose with premade treats can be tricky. 


  • Can be difficult to administer without hiding or disguising the oil

CBD oil isn’t especially tasty, and dogs may regard it the same way they regard medicine. If your dog quickly refuses things they don’t want to eat, you may have a hard time getting your dog to take CBD directly from the syringe. You may need to inject it into something else or mix it with wet food to disguise it, tricking your dog into taking the CBD.

The Pros and Cons of CBD Dog Treats

CBD dog treats simplify the process of giving your dog CBD. Even though this solution is the easiest, it still comes with some caveats you’ll want to consider before you toss your pup a treat.


  • Convenient to give to your dog
  • Dogs may be more willing to ingest CBD infused treats

CBD dog treats are very portable and easy to feed your dog. They’re easy to travel with. You can give your dog CBD treats while camping or on a car trip. They’re also easier in the sense that most dogs are eager to accept any kind of treat. It’s never a hassle to get a dog to eat something that feels like a fun snack.


  • Adds calories to your dog’s diet
  • May be difficult to dose adequately

Treats of any kind add calories to your dog’s diet. If your dog is on a special diet or a weight management plan, talk to your vet before giving your dog CBD treats. 

Dogs should adhere to a 90/10 diet. About 90% of their nutritional needs should be met through the use of nutritious, high-quality dog food. The other 10% can come from snacks that are safe for your dog to eat. If you’re already following this rule, simply swapping out your dog’s favorite treats for CBD dog treats won’t be difficult. 

As long as these treats are a swap for other treats or dog-safe people foods like bananas or cooked meats, you aren’t breaking the equation. Just make sure everyone in your household and everyone who helps to care for your dog understands that treats are limited.

You also need to be sure you’re giving your dog an appropriate amount of CBD. Don’t overfeed your dog CBD dog treats. Some larger dogs may need multiple treats to reach the optimal dose. Make sure children do not have access to CBD dog treats, as they mistakenly may overfeed them to your dog. 

Making CBD Dog Treats

To make CBD dog treats at home, you’ll need a pet-safe CBD tincture and ingredients safe for your dog to eat. No-bake treats are the better bet, as heating CBD oil at or above 320 degrees can cause it to lose its potency.

  • 2 cups mashed banana
  • 2 cups rolled oats
  • 3 tablespoons all-natural, unsweetened, unsalted peanut butter
  • VETCBD Hemp CBD Tincture
  • 1 tbsp fish oil (optional)

While fish oil isn’t necessary, it may be a good addition to your dog’s diet. Healthy omega fats can help to support your dog’s skin health and brain health while giving their coat a little bit of shine.

All of these ingredients can be combined into a bowl and thoroughly mixed until evenly incorporated. Roll the treats into little balls and pop them into the refrigerator. 

This recipe makes about a dozen treats. In order to ensure appropriate dosage of CBD, add 12 weight-appropriate doses to the mixture. If you’d rather be a little more precise, you can add the CBD oil to each individual treat as you roll them into balls. 

Wrapping Things Up

Premade CBD treats are a great solution for pet owners who would rather spend less time in the kitchen and more time playing with their pups. As long as the ingredients of the treats are wholesome and nutritious and the CBD comes from a safe and reliable source, you can turn to prepackaged solutions to keep things simple.

VETCBD Hemp’s pet CBD products are independently lab tested for quality and safety. We use American-grown hemp and extra virgin olive oil to create our pet-safe tinctures. Our board is composed of vets who understand the importance of holistic animal care and the needs of growing, happy, healthy, and adventurous dogs.



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