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The Truth About Pumpkin and Pets


It’s that time of year again. A time when the warmth of summer wanes and wardrobes begin to change. It’s also a time for harvesting vegetables. And, due to their September, October and November harvest, it’s a time when we’re surrounded by all things pumpkin! More than a sugary, spiced flavor addition to your favorite seasonal beverage, pumpkin is also known to pack some pretty powerful nutrients and antioxidants. This blog explores the benefits of pumpkin and how adding the seasonal vegetable to your veterinary CBD regimen may be just what the doctor, or vet, ordered! So, while you’re enjoying your pumpkin bread or pumpkin pie this season, you may want to give your dog or cat some pureed pumpkin, too. Tis the season for all of us, afterall.


Pumpkin Nutrients

Pumpkin is packed with nutritional benefits for both you and your pet. Evident by the rich, vibrant orange color of pumpkins, pumpkins are loaded with an important vehicle for Vitamin A conversion in the body: beta-carotene. Research also suggests that a diet rich in this antioxidant may reduce the risk of developing heart disease and certain cancers. 


Pumpkin is also a go-to for soothing your pets upset tummy. High in fiber and great for digestion, pumpkin is an excellent remedy for both constipation and diarrhea. The soluble fiber content in pumpkin provides bulk for their stool, and, once fermented, goes on to produce fatty acids that promote cell energy production, which can help with constipation. According to The American Kennel Club, adding 1-4 tablespoons of pumpkin to your pets meals can help ease both constipation and diarrhea. 


Pumpkin and CBD

Now that we have learned about the health benefits of feeding your dog or cat pumpkin, let’s explore how combining veterinary CBD products with pumpkin can allow your pet to enjoy the taste of autumn, too. While some veterinary CBD brands have pumpkin flavored foods and treats, it may be best to do it yourself at home! This way you can monitor the dosage to best suit your pet. Organic pumpkin puree from your local grocery store is usually your best bet, compared to the multi-hour process it would take you to make it yourself.


Pumpkin is also known to help soothe a dog’s urinary tract. Like the shell of the pumpkin, the seeds are also full of antioxidants and fatty acids. Feeding your dog pumpkin seeds can help aid urinary tract issues and help them avoid kidney or bladder stones, too!


Veterinary CBD

We’ve heard about CBD for humans, but what about CBD for dogs and cats? Cannabidiol, or CBD, is non-intoxicating and said to also provide a range of benefits for dogs. CBD can also support normal inflammatory responses and support joint mobility. The compound found in both cannabis and hemp is also said to fight certain cancers in dogs. 


Although there isn’t specific research into the benefits of CBD oil for cats, veterinarians and pet parents seem to agree that it can help with ailments like inflammation, immune support, pain relief, and mood. Overall, the consensus is that proper dosing of CBD is paramount for your pet.


In Closing 

The benefits of pumpkin seem to be universal for both humans and pets. Feeding your pet pumpkin comes with a myriad of health benefits while at the same time quenching their taste buds. Adding a trusted veterinary CBD, like VETCBD Hemp,  may elevate their healing and improve their overall quality of life.

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