Our Partnership with Best Friends Animal Society

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Our Partnership with Best Friends Animal Society

The Purrfect Partnership

Best Friends is leading the no-kill movement by running lifesaving community programs for dogs and cats, providing support and training for animal shelters and rescue groups, and mobilizing community members on behalf of pets in need across the country. VETCBD is proud to be a partner of Best Friends and to help Save Them All.

Cat from Best Friends Animal Society, a 2021 partner of VETCBD Hemp


Throughout our 18-month partnership with Best Friends Animal Society, we'll be supplying their Network Partners with our veterinarian-formulated hemp-derived CBD oil tincture to help animals in their care who need a bit of extra support.

Through these donations, we'll be working with BFAS to understand how administering CBD oil to rescue animals experiencing elevated levels of stress in shelters can not only improve the animals' wellbeing and behavior but improve overall adoption rates too. 

$25,000 Donation

We're donating $25,000 to Best Friends Animal Society to support their national rescue network and their mission to achieve nationwide no-kill shelters by 2025.

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