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Natural Soothing Ingredients for Dogs 2021


You want the best for your dog. You want to see your pets happy, healthy, active, and thriving in every season of their life. As dogs approach their senior years, they may experience issues with swelling, discomfort, and joint mobility. It’s a natural part of getting older, and it happens to humans too. 

Dogs and humans have many of the same needs, but the needs should be addressed in different ways. Many pet owners are conscious of the food, treats, and supplements they feed their dogs because they want to know that everything they’re giving their animals is safe for their sensitive systems.

Plenty of natural soothing products and joint-supportive supplements can work wonders for dogs who want to pack a little more adventure into their golden years. Before you take your pal on a hike, don’t forget to pack a natural soothing product, too. 

Why Can’t Dogs Take Human Anti-Inflammatory Drugs?

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, also referred to as NSAIDs, work to stop inflammation by blocking the enzyme in our bodies that cause an inflammatory response. There’s one major problem with that. The body doesn’t produce this enzyme to cause harm. It’s necessary for the function of many crucial systems within the body, and inhibiting that process can have serious consequences for animals. 

When a dog ingests ibuprofen (Advil), common side effects include gastric ulcers, bleeding disorders, bloody stool, and bloody vomit. These drugs can also cause kidney dysfunction. Human anti-inflammatories should be regarded as toxic to dogs

There may be rare scenarios under which a veterinarian prescribes anti-inflammatory medication for a dog. These anti-inflammatory medications are formulated specifically for dogs and are less likely to cause severe side effects. They’re intended to be used in very small amounts for an extremely limited duration under close supervision. 

You should never give your dog human medications, with the exception of Benadryl for mild allergic reactions if your vet has given you the approval to use it as necessary. 

Why Do Dogs Need Soothing Products?

Older adult and senior dogs often have the greatest need for natural soothing ingredients. Wear and tear on joints from many years of fun adventures can contribute to wearing, high impact on the joints and bones. 

Dogs that are new to adventure altogether may feel some aches and discomfort as a result of getting a little too adventurous on their latest expedition.

Very Active or Newly Active Dogs

If you’ve recently become more active, chances are high that your dog’s a little more active as well. If you’ve started taking your best friend on long hikes, camping trips, or extended walks to help you get in your steps, you might notice that you’re a little sore the next day. So is your dog. 

Dogs that are adapting to more active lifestyles might feel some muscle soreness as they begin to strengthen or develop their muscles. This discomfort is temporary. If your dog is a little achy, ease up on the physical activity for enough time to promote athletic recovery. Natural soothing products can help to increase your dog’s healing and comfort throughout your shared journey. 

Supporting Joint Mobility

Older dogs sometimes experience joint mobility issues relating to tissue degeneration surrounding joints. In some cases, joint mobility issues can be caused by a dog’s weight. If your dog is overweight, a controlled, healthy, and balanced diet will help to reduce joint mobility issues as your dog’s weight decreases. A natural soothing supplement can also help to support mobility alongside other interventions. 

First Things First, Talk to Your Vet

If you believe your dog would benefit from a soothing product, you’re acknowledging that something is likely amiss. If your dog’s behavior leads you to believe that discomfort is limiting their movement, or if you can observe swelling on sight, you need to take your dog to the vet.

Your vet will conduct a thorough examination of your dog to determine the cause of swelling. Before you introduce a natural soothing product into your dog’s wellness plan, speak to your vet. Your vet will let you know if the natural product can be a valuable addition to a broader care plan. 

If your vet believes your dog would benefit more from prescription medication or traditional medical care, it’s best to listen to your vet. Natural soothing products will not work as well for targeted concerns as specific medications. 

Does Turmeric Work To Soothe Dogs?

Many people use turmeric as a natural soothing product, with mixed results. Turmeric’s effects aren’t significant enough to manage chronic swelling in a sustainable way. While turmeric is perfectly safe for dogs to eat, it’s unlikely to act as an effective soother because its soothing component, curcumin, is minimally bioavailable.

Your dog is more than likely already eating turmeric. It’s a popular natural and safe colorant used to make dog food. Consider the situation from this perspective: if turmeric was an effective soother for your dog, it would already be working every time your dog ate. 

Are Fish Oil Supplements Good For Dogs?

Fish oil can be an invaluable wellness supplement for older animals. It works the same way for pets as it does for people. Fish oil naturally decreases the production of enzymes that contribute to joint discomfort. Fish oil may also have neuroprotective properties that help to support overall brain health, and it can help support kidney function in animals with kidney ailments and may lower blood triglyceride levels. It also helps to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Bottom line: Yes, absolutely — fish oil supplements are excellent for dogs. 

Is CBD Oil a Good Soother for Dogs?

Humans use CBD oil to promote workout recovery and ease tension. It works very similarly for dogs. In addition to supporting joint mobility, CBD can also help to calm dogs down, promote regular gastrointestinal health, and support healthy brain function. 

CBD is safe for pets and it doesn’t get them high. It works by supporting your pet’s natural endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system broadly affects many other systems of the body, centered around balance and homeostasis, so CBD works to fuel and fortify the body’s natural abilities. 

VETCBD Hemp Was Made for Your Pet

VETCBD Hemp’s CBD tincture is made from American-grown hemp and formulated specifically for your pets. If your dog is having a little bit of trouble running around and playing the way you two used to, CBD can provide some much-needed support to your dog’s joint mobility. 

Our CBD is triple lab tested. It’s pure, it’s safe, and it’s effective. We created our CBD products in collaboration with an advisory board of veterinarians who support holistic approaches to pet wellness. You want the very best for your pet, and so do we.

You can give your pet our CBD tincture every 8 to 12 hours with our included shatterproof plastic syringe. We recommend starting them at about 2 mg per 10 lbs of body weight — it can be tough to measure that out, so we have a handy chart you can reference, specific to our CBD tincture’s dosing. You can also massage your dog’s sore joints with CBD topical balm to promote quick relief directly at the source.



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