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CBD for Dog Joint Support: Does It Work?

As our canine friends age they begin to experience joint pain in a similar fashion to their humans. Some breeds can be especially susceptible to joint issues, osteoarthritis, and breed-specific back and hip problems that can sideline even the most playful of pups. Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease diagnosed in veterinary medicine. 

As pet parents, our biggest concern is always providing them with relief, but we want to always make sure that we give them relief in a treatment that is safe and sustainable, especially if it is meant to be long term. 

An Overview of Joint Pain

The cause for joint pain in your dog should always be evaluated by her dog’s veterinarian to rule out injuries like strains, sprains, bone breaks, and/or diseases that require specific treatment. Once your vet has prescribed a course of treatment for your pet, it’s a good time to speak to them about the medications they will want your dog to take. Typically, there are two common types of medications that are prescribed for dog joint pain. 

  • NSAIDs. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are often prescribed for dogs who experience joint pain, as NSAIDs reduce swelling and inflammation around the joint and provide relief in that manner. Unfortunately, these drugs can be damaging to the kidneys and liver when taken long term. They can also produce unwanted side effects like ulcers in the stomach and intestines, appetite loss, vomiting, and diarrhea. 
  • Opiates. Opiate pain medication reduces your dog’s joint pain by binding to the pain receptors in her brain. These medications can make your dog comfortable, but can come with some pretty harsh side effects themselves. They can cause weakness, drowsiness, dizziness, constipation, and loss of appetite. 

Although your dog may benefit from the use of NSAIDs and/or opiates, you may be able to also provide comfort with a natural solution like CBD oil. 

CBD For Dogs

If you’re unfamiliar with CBD, we can help. VETCBD provides high-quality, full spectrum CBD oil tinctures specially crafted for your pets. Our tinctures are formulated by a veterinarian with an extensive knowledge of the medicinal use of CBD and cannabis related products. 

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is a plant-based compound (called a cannabinoid) found in the flowers of the hemp plant. Full spectrum CBD oil is extracted from the flowers of the hemp plant along with other essential cannabinoids and usable plant parts. These plant parts work together to bring your pet the maximum benefit that CBD can deliver. 

When selecting a CBD oil for your dog, it is important you select full spectrum oil and not isolate oil. Isolate oil contains only cannabidiol, no other usable plant parts. As such, the benefit your dog receives from an isolate oil is much less potent than that of an isolate oil. VETCBD’s CBD oil tinctures are only made with full spectrum oil, as studies have shown that is the most effective way to get the maximum CBD benefits to your dog. 

Why Should You Give Your Dog CBD?

Your dog can benefit from CBD usage because it can be used to soothe irritated joints and provide relief.

Is It Safe?

The World Health Organization did not find evidence that cannabidiol was unsafe for animals in a 2017 report, and did not find any negative side effects from long term use.

Benefits of CBD

CBD oil can be beneficial to your dog in numerous ways, in addition to its ability to manage their joint pain. One of the best benefits of CBD oil is its mental and emotional soothing effects. 

Your dog may experience stress and anxiousness from time to time, or may be experiencing it because of their current joint pain. CBD is thought to interact with the body’s stress management system and help regulate the stress response from the inside, which may provide your dog some much needed relaxation. 

Signs/Causes of Joint Pain

If you suspect your dog is suffering from joint pain, you can look for signs and symptoms. Some of the classic symptoms of joint pain in dogs are:

  • Trouble getting on and off furniture, or up and down stairs, when your dog was able to perform these movements previously
  • Difficulty lying down and getting up from the floor or from bed
  • Excessive grooming of limbs (especially licking continuously in one spot)
  • Limping, or assuming an overly hunched, arched posture
  • Behavior changes such as agitation and/or visible stress

Some dogs remain quite stoic until their pain level is simply intolerable, so it can be easy to overlook occasional mobility changes as accidents or events that aren’t linked to joint pain. A thorough exam by your dog’s veterinarian can usually help you determine what’s really going on with your dog’s overall mobility. 

How Much Should You Give Your Dog? 

Administering CBD to your dog to help with occasional joint pain can be tricky, as there’s no one-size-fits-all dosage that will work for every pet. Dogs differ across breeds, and every dog has different body chemistries. As a general rule, you can administer .2 mg of CBD to your dog per pound of body weight. It’s best to start off with half this amount, and then increase or decrease the dose as needed. 

You can give your dog CBD oil about every eight to twelve hours, or twice a day as needed, keeping in mind that your dog may need more or less depending on the concentration of the CBD tincture and their overall health. It’s best to consult a veterinary professional if you think your dog isn’t responding as well as you’d hoped to the CBD. 

Is It Safe?

You can administer more CBD to your dog on a more frequent basis, provided you do not think your dog is responding to the oil. Keep in mind that some dogs respond rapidly to CBD, while others may not show signs of benefit for up to two weeks. CBD is generally very well tolerated by canines.

If you think CBD oil is the right fit for your pup, explore VETCBD’s Hemp Tincture today and help your dog thrive. 


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