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CBD Chews Your Dog Will Enjoy


Some dogs will eat absolutely anything. If you’ve ever woken up in the morning to find the trash can lid on the couch and a pup with a messy face, you’ve seen just how far some dogs are willing to go to find an exciting new treat.

Other dogs are a little pickier. For some pet owners, this isn’t a problem. They find something their dog likes and they try to disrupt that routine as little as possible. But what happens when you want to add CBD to do your dog’s wellness routine?

If your dog won’t take CBD oil from a dropper or syringe and is very picky about the treats they’re willing to eat, you’ll need to be creative in your search for a solution. 

The Benefits of CBD For Dogs

In case you didn’t know, CBD is a compound sourced from the hemp plant that interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the body to provide a host of benefits, which we’ll explore further below. 

CBD treats will not get your puppy high. While full-spectrum hemp oil or CBD will contain trace amounts of THC, it’s not enough to create a psychoactive effect. Meanwhile, broad spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate is totally THC-free thanks to the hemp extraction methods used to create them. 

VETCBD Hemp uses full-spectrum hemp oil so we can get all the benefits we can out of each plant part working together.

Many pet owners report that CBD poses excellent benefits for their dogs, especially with continuous use. Here are a few of them:

  • Supporting normal gastrointestinal health
  • Supporting healthy brain function
  • Promoting a calm mood and easing feelings of tension
  • Supporting joint health and mobility 

CBD can be a valuable supplement to include in your pet’s wellness routine, provided you can get your dog to ingest it. Finding or making the right CBD chew may be the perfect answer to your dog’s aversion. 

Like with any supplement or diet change, consult with your pet’s veterinarian before deciding to use CBD. You need to be sure that your dog doesn’t have any underlying health conditions that could be negatively impacting their overall wellness and should be primarily addressed with prescription medication or other conventional medical treatments. 

If your dog is otherwise healthy, CBD can provide wellness support.

Why Use Chews Instead of CBD Tinctures?

If your dog is picky, getting them to take CBD from a dropper can be a chore. Many CBD products also come with glass droppers, and if your dog closes their mouth to reject the CBD, they can shatter the glass and harm themselves. Plastic syringes like the ones we offer here at VETCBD Hemp are a safer option, but they may not completely solve the problem. Your dog may not be willing to ingest anything that comes from a syringe, especially if they feel as though they’re being force-fed or if they’ve been given unpleasant-tasting medicine from a syringe before. 

Many pet owners sneak their dogs CBD by evenly dispersing it over their favorite foods, but this method is only effective if your dog consumes all of their food in a single sitting. If they don’t, they won’t receive the full dose of CBD appropriate for their weight. If you have other pets, they may swap bowls or eat from the bowl topped with CBD, even if you don’t intend for them to do so. 

The recommended dosage of CBD is different for a larger dog than it is for a smaller dog, so it’s important that your pups don’t accidentally switch bowls. Too much CBD could lead to side effects like upset stomach because of the carrier oil CBD is delivered in.

This is what makes CBD soft chews such a safe, convenient, and effective option. Pet owners are able to feed their dogs the proper amount of CBD, one bite at a time. Calm soft chews are the best CBD dog treats because they’re portable and easy to give to your dog. If they like the chews, it’s never a chore to convince them to eat them. Many owners find CBD chews to be a major problem solver and time saver.

What To Look for in a Packaged CBD Chew

While it’s important that your dog likes their CBD chews, it’s just as important that the CBD chews you’re giving your dog are safe and nutritionally beneficial. Safety should be at the top of any pet owner’s priority list when selecting a supplement or food product for their dog. 

Beneficial, high-quality ingredients and nutritional value are important because dogs should be fed according to a 90/10 rule. About 90 percent of your dog’s diet should be wholesome, nutritious food that adequately supplies them with the nutrients they need for optimal health, like vegetable-derived vitamin E and high-quality carbs from healthy grains. The other 10 percent is wiggle room. It’s where the occasional natural bacon flavor treat, spoonful of peanut butter, or lick of whipped cream comes into play. 

There’s a great middle-ground if you can find treats for your dog that are nutritionally beneficial (which can be easy to do if you make them yourself!). They blur the line between the 90 percent and the 10 percent, making it easy to give your dog a few blueberries or an egg with breakfast every day without feeling as though you’re compromising their health. CBD chews are a type of this added bonus that can support your dog’s overall wellness. 

Safe, Lab Tested CBD

Only purchase CBD products from companies that use independent third-party testing. Third-party labs exist to verify the quality and safety of CBD extracts, as well as the total amount of CBD in each bottle. The only way to know that you’re giving your dog the amount of CBD you intend to give them and that every ingredient in the extract is safe and free from contaminants is to view this lab report.

VETCBD Hemp has very strict standards for our pet CBD products. Our CBD is triple lab tested to ensure maximum safety and quality. We use CBD extracted from American grown hemp in a base of organic extra virgin olive oil. Our lab reports confirm that every bottle contains exactly what we state it contains, and that each batch is completely free from contaminants. 

If you’re looking at a CBD chew that doesn’t have information about lab testing results, look in a different direction. You need to be sure the product is safe before you feed it to your canine companion. 

Beneficial Ingredients for Your Dog

CBD is a product intended to promote your dog’s wellness. Wouldn’t junk ingredients and filler counteract the entire purpose of a wellness product? 

Ingredients like artificial colors, MSG, corn syrup, nitrates, artificial preservatives, white flour, and corn don’t provide any nutritional benefits to your dog. Make sure you’re reading the label, and be wary of ingredients you don’t understand. You’re only a Google search away from important answers.

Flavors Your Dog Likes

Your dog has favorite snack flavors just like you do. Many dogs would rather have treats or food that tastes like beef rather than chicken-flavored chews, but every animal will have their own preferences. 

Try reading the ingredients on the treats and foods your dog happily chows down on. Look for a CBD chew made with similar ingredients. If the flavor profile mimics something your dog already likes, they’re more likely to happily take their treats.

Making Your Own CBD Dog Chews

The best way to know you’re using quality ingredients is to make your own chews, and the easiest way to make dog chews is to place your ingredients in a food dehydrator. 

Thinly sliced roasted sweet potatoes or thin strips of unseasoned, cooked beef or pork can be placed in a food dehydrator to create a jerky texture. These single ingredient dog chews are easy to make and can be prepared in large batches.

Once you’ve removed the treats from the dehydrator, lay them out on a baking sheet and drop a weight-appropriate dose of CBD onto each piece to ensure appropriate potency. The dry treat will absorb the CBD, slightly softening it and making it a little easier for your dog to chew. It doesn’t get much easier than that. 

VETCBD Hemp’s CBD tincture was created by veterinarians with an appreciation for holistic wellness approaches. Our pet-safe CBD is the perfect addition to your homemade dog chews, making them more beneficial than plain boxed dog biscuits. 

Keep things simple and natural with VETCBD Hemp!



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