What Is CBD: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

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CBD is everywhere. It’s hard to walk through any store without encountering at least a few CBD oil-infused products. Everything from lip balm to pet treats can be infused with CBD and labeled with claims that the product offers more wellness benefits than products that are not infused with CBD. But what is CBD? Where […]

CBD Snacks for Pets That You Never Knew About

Many people enjoy CBD snacks, tinctures, or gummies when they need a little more calm in their lives. CBD can help to ease tension and promote a better mood. It’s a great pre-yoga calming ritual or post-workout recovery tool.  Although your pets aren’t perfecting their yoga poses or looking to lift heavier at the gym, […]

Holistic Medicine for Dogs

In modern times, many people are seeking more natural alternatives for health. A lot of wellness relates to diet, exercise, and emotional state. While meditating or going for a jog won’t treat an underlying disease, they’re certainly productive tools that improve the way we think and feel. Holistic medicine is something typically associated with the […]

Does CBD Oil Need To Be Refrigerated: Finding the Best Temperature

If you use a lot of wellness supplements in your home, you probably have an organizational system. Some of them go in the cabinet, and the others go in the fridge.  CBD is a unique wellness supplement and it’s not cheap — you want to keep it fresh all the way to the last drop. […]

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli?

If you’re trying to make stir fry for your family and your dog is eyeing the broccoli, you might be a little confused — you can hardly get your kids to eat the stuff, what in the world would the dog want with it? Don’t ask too many questions. Just be thankful that your dog […]

Top Pet Safety Tips for July 4th Celebrations

  It’s no secret that 4th of July can make our 4-legged friends a bit uneasy. Between loud noises and fireworks lighting up the night sky, food scraps, and unfamiliar faces, our pets can face a number of stressful and uncomfortable situations while we’re having a blast. OUR TOP 6 PET SAFETY TIPS Here are […]

How is CBD Best Absorbed for Animals?

How is CBD Best Absorbed in Animals?; Dog and cat snuggling in the grass

We pop our multivitamins every day without giving them much thought.  It’s part of our health and wellness routine that makes up for the fact we probably don’t get as many of the vitamins and minerals we need in our own diets.  We may also take specialized supplements to address issues that concern us, such […]

How CBD Can Help Your Pet

How CBD Can Help Your Pet;  two cats relaxing

We’ve heard pet parents describe how CBD helped their pets live a better life. If you’re thinking about using a CBD pet supplement for your furry friend but don’t quite understand which products to choose, we can help. Understanding that your pet is emotionally distressed or experiencing discomfort is the first sign to take them […]

Keeping Pets Calm Around Holiday Guests: Why CBD can be a Helpful Choice

Keeping Pets Calm Around Holiday Guests: Why CBD can be a Helpful Choice; dog relaxing by a food bowl

You’re having guests over for the holidays, and your dog suddenly appears out of nowhere and lands a big welcoming paw and slobbery lick on an elderly guest. Embarrassing moments and inappropriate behavior around guests is something that can be prevented. If your furry friend gets rambunctious or nervous when guests come over, you could consider […]

Hemp Seed Oil vs. CBD Oil for Dogs: What’s the Difference?

Hemp Seed Oil vs. CBD Oil for Dogs: What's the Difference?; picture of a CBD tincture

The terms involved in the medicinal cannabis industry are many, and they are often misused, misunderstood, and unfortunately, mislabeled, leaving the general public wondering what cannabis and cannabinoids can do, what they cannot do, and if they’re even legal.   When commercial manufacture and production of hemp was federally legalized in 2018, it seemed there was […]

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