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Best CBD Oil for Cats 2021


Many cats, particularly older cats, will experience the benefits of CBD in a way similar to their human owners. If you use cannabidiol (aka CBD) as a part of your wellness routine, it makes sense to want to pursue the same benefits for your furry friends. 

Just like human CBD, cat CBD oils can help support mood, joint health, and provide a host of other benefits that your feline friend will love.

If you’re unfamiliar with CBD, it’s a compound derived from the hemp plant (a type of cannabis plant) that interacts with cannabinoid receptors within the endocannabinoid system. There are multiple different formulas for CBD, but none of them will get you (or your cat) high. 

Although marijuana is also derived from cannabis, the extraction methods used to create CBD from hemp remove all or most of the THC, which is the compound in cannabis that creates psychoactive effects. Full-spectrum CBD will have trace amounts of THC (far from enough to have any intoxicating effects on your pet), while broad-spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate are totally THC-free. 

CBD pet products are popping up everywhere. On your quest to find the right CBD for your pet, you’ve likely noticed that not all CBD is created equal. You don’t want to give your pet low-quality supplements or products loaded with junk ingredients, like artificial flavors of dubious origins or fatty oils that aren’t the healthy fats you’re looking for. 

Before you purchase a bottle of CBD, it’s important to understand your cat’s needs. You need to know how much CBD to give your cat, how often to give your cat CBD, and how to find high-quality, pet-safe CBD. 

Is CBD Safe for Cats?

CBD is generally regarded as safe for relatively healthy adult cats. It doesn’t pose any serious side effects when used appropriately, and it won’t get your cat high. 

If your cat is taking any medications or is under the care of a veterinarian for a health condition, speak to your vet before giving your cat CBD products. Listen to your vet’s advice regarding the use of CBD for pets before proceeding. 

CBD can be used on an as-needed basis for calming and holistic wellness benefits. Other benefits become more apparent with consistent daily use over a prolonged period of time and can be sustained with continued use. Most cats will appreciate the overall wellness benefits that come from twice-daily CBD supplementation. 

The Benefits of CBD for Cats

Cats benefit from CBD in many of the same ways humans do. People tend to use CBD to help support workout recovery or to balance their moods. You feel better when tension is soothed, and so will your pets. 

Here’s how CBD can help: 

Health concerns like pain, inflammation, and chronic digestive problems need to be addressed by a veterinarian, and usually require prescription medication or lifestyle changes. 

If your cat is otherwise healthy and a good candidate, CBD can become a part of their normal wellness routine. Use CBD in conjunction with wholesome and nutritious fresh foods, plenty of active play, and practices like therapeutic pet massage if and when necessary. This provides optimal wellness support for your cat.

Choose Lab-Tested CBD

Pets are very sensitive. You need to be sure that the CBD you’re giving your cat is safe, tested, and high-quality. You should know the origin of the product. You should look for organic ingredients. You should also review CBD lab testing reports to ensure that the amount of cannabinoids per container is accurately reported and that the product is free from residual solvents and contaminants. 

CBD companies aren’t required to use third-party testing services or to publish their lab results. So, many companies simply don’t conduct those tests, and they often find themselves in hot water when consumers and advocates send samples of their products to reputable CBD testing labs. Many reports show that the cannabinoid levels listed on the label wildly differ from what the lab finds, sometimes containing no CBD at all. 

Some reports also find unacceptably high levels of residual solvents that remain from the CBD extraction process, and it isn’t uncommon for these reports to uncover the presence of contaminants like mold or heavy metals that are harmful to people and pets alike. 

This is something VETCBD Hemp takes very seriously. We use American-grown hemp and organic extra virgin olive oil in our pet CBD tincture. Our products are triple third-party lab tested for quality and purity. 

We’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our products are safe for your pets, and the best way we can consistently, thoroughly do that is through triple-checking each batch with independent laboratories. 

Be wary of companies that don’t test their CBD or publish their results. There’s no guarantee that what you’re giving your pet contains substantial amounts of CBD or is actually safe for your pet to consume. 

How To Administer CBD to Cats

CBD comes in many forms and strengths. Choose the right CBD for your cat, give your cat the appropriate amount in a way you’re sure they’ll ingest it, and maintain a consistent routine. Over the long term, you may begin to notice benefits to your cat’s overall wellness. 

Appropriate Dosage

You may be wondering how much CBD oil you should give your pet. Cats should receive 2 to 4 mg of CBD per pound of body weight. Start with 2 mg and monitor your cat over the course of a week. 

CBD doesn’t ordinarily cause side effects in animals (in fact, stomach upset is the most common side effect and it actually comes from ingesting the fatty oils the CBD is delivered in). 

The goal is to establish how well the CBD is working for your pet. If you believe your pet would benefit from more CBD, slowly graduate to 4 mg per pound of body weight over the course of a month. 

Giving Your Cat CBD

Ideally, a CBD tincture should be administered to cats directly. Using bottles with a glass dropper (which are the most popular manufacturing option) isn’t the safest option — if your cat bites down on the dropper, there’s the potential that the dropper will shatter and leave broken glass in your cat’s mouth. 

That’s why VETCBD Hemp’s tincture comes with a plastic dropper. It’s easy to measure an exact dose, and there is no potential for shattered glass. 

Many cats are reluctant to take things from a syringe, especially if they have an aversion to liquid medicines. If that’s the case, evenly dispersing CBD over your cat’s favorite dry or wet food at mealtimes is an easy solution. You can even drizzle it onto some chicken or beef for a special treat. 

Only give your cat the amount of CBD-drizzled food that they would normally eat at one time, and keep the food away from other animals. This is the best way to ensure your cat receives the entire dose at once.

Using CBD Consistently

CBD’s calming effects may become evident within an hour of your cat ingesting CBD. Other benefits, like joint and mobility support, are unlikely to become apparent overnight. You’ll need to give your cat CBD consistently.

The calming effects of CBD generally last for 8 to 12 hours. For steady and prolonged benefits, you’ll want to give your cat CBD at least twice a day. Make CBD a part of your cat’s wellness routine and use it consistently for best results!

VETCBD Hemp’s CBD Tincture for Pets

VetCBD Hemp makes the best CBD for cats. We’re a team of veterinarians and veterinary technicians who work to ensure our holistic CBD wellness products are safe and effective for your pets. Our triple lab testing process ensures that every single bottle delivered to your home lives up to our high standards.

Appropriate dosage at consistent intervals, in conjunction with changes to your pet’s lifestyle to support overall wellness, can produce meaningful benefits for your cat’s life. 

Be prepared to spend more time alternating between playing and cuddling!



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