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We're veterinary professionals

Our mission has always been, and will always be, to improve the lives of the animals we share our world with.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Dr Tim Shu

Dr. Tim Shu is the founder and chief executive officer of VETCBD. Dr. Shu founded the company so pets could safely benefit from the multiple therapeutic uses of cannabis and hemp. By combining his background in veterinary medicine with his expertise in medical cannabis, Dr. Shu formulates VETCBD products to be safe and effective for use in animals.

As chief executive officer, Dr. Shu manages direction and strategy at VETCBD, and oversees research and development, marketing, sales, and support.

His interest in animal health and welfare from an early age led him to Texas A&M University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, where he earned his doctorate in veterinary medicine. Prior to founding VETCBD, Dr. Shu practiced emergency, critical care, and general medicine, frequently working with low-income clients to provide optimal healthcare on restricted budgets.

Dr. Shu’s work on cannabis and pets has garnered international attention and has been featured by The Today Show, CNBC, and The New York Times.

Chief of Staff

Charis Fifield

Charis Fifield is the Chief of Staff at VETCBD. Charis seeks new opportunities for growth and partnerships to help spread brand awareness and education. Educating people on the health and well being of animals has been the focus behind all of Charis’s endeavors. She brings creativity, drive and leadership while thriving on challenges; particularly those that help expand the company’s reach.

Prior to joining VETCBD, Charis worked in private and corporate veterinary practices as a Hospital Director and Veterinary Nurse for over 25 years. Charis brings her comprehensive knowledge of veterinary medicine and her passion for education, learning, and animals to VETCBD in order to bring comfort to all animals through cannabinoid therapy.

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