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5 Best Cat Toys of 2021


Your cats are a lot like your kids. You love them dearly and you try your best to meet their needs. They depend on you for everything, from food to entertainment, and they’re not going to find entertainment on their own. Your cat needs a few toys to keep them busy, active, and stimulated throughout the day.

Choosing a variety of toys will prevent your cat from getting bored. If you’re building your feline toybox, here are our top five picks.

1. Floppy Fish

This soft floppy fish toy taps into your cat’s wild instincts. Wild cats will hunt and fish for their meals. They rely on flopping and bouncing cues to help them identify and pursue their prey. 

This fish is soft, making it safe for your cat to nibble or scratch while its flopping animation keeps your cat engaged.

Pet owners report that their cats love this toy, but their dogs aren’t averse to playing with it either. Dogs are naturally inclined to fish just like cats are. You might want to invest in a few floppy fish toys for playtime. All your family pets may want to play together. 

2. Fling-Ama-String

The fling-ama-string toy seems absurdly simple, but it’s more than enough to keep your cat endlessly entertained. This battery-operated toy hangs from a door handle. A string attached to an elastic conveyor belt constantly rotates, wiggling just long enough to capture your cat’s attention before changing position.

This toy engages your cat’s reflexes. Your cat needs to time their move just right in order to capture the wiggling string. They might try to capture the string from in front of the toy. They may hide on the other side of the door and attempt to grab it from underneath. They may stand on their hind legs or leap in an attempt to capture the string as it’s rotating. 

If your cat successfully manages to catch the string, they can pull and pull as much as they want — the string is attached to an elastic conveyor belt that allows your cat range of motion. The moment they lose grip on the string, it snaps right back and begins whirling around again. If your cat is the endlessly curious type, don’t be surprised if they spend an hour trying to outsmart the fling-ama-string. 

3. Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

The Tower of Tracks toy is very simple. There are no batteries, lasers, little bits of feathers, torn-up pieces of fabric, or messy bits of catnip involved. This design is simple but perfectly effective for keeping your cat engaged.

The Tower of Tracks uses three closed tiers of circular tracks, each graduating in size. Every track has a ball on it, but the ball can’t escape. This won’t stop your cat from thinking they’ll be able to get the ball out. Every time they swat at the ball, it will start spinning in a big circle. They can chase it round and round, but they can never knock it free. 

Since this toy has three tiers, multiple cats can use it at the same time. If you’re trying to encourage your new kitten to bond with your adult cat, this is something fun that they can enjoy together. It will be equally as stimulating for each of them. 

4. Refillable Catnip Plush Toys

Catnip will alternate between keeping your cat entertained and relaxed. The catnip plant emits something similar to a pheromone sought by cats in heat. Breathing in the aroma of catnip’s oil provokes a response in your cat’s brain that’s very similar to a reproductive response. The simplified version: catnip will very temporarily make your cat feel like they’ve found their soulmate. 

Plush refillable catnip toys give your cat the opportunity to relax. They can chill out with their soft, snuggly plush while they’re enraptured in the wave of catnip bliss. After that wave of bliss wears off, your cat will be immune to the effects of catnip for at least half an hour. Put the toy away for a while and bring it back out again a little later.

5. The Basic “Feather on a Pole” Toy

Those basic “feather on a pole” style cat toys are extremely inexpensive, and they aren’t very durable. They’re simple, and that simplicity is exactly what makes them one of the best toys for your cat. 

This toy only works if you’re operating it. You’re in control of curating the experience for your cat. You wiggle it, chase, and tease with it. You and your cat are playing together, and it’s a meaningful bonding experience. 

These direct interactions are a great way to bond with a new cat or to coax a shy cat out of hiding. They’re also a great way to facilitate some one-on-one time with cats in a multi-pet household. Everyone gets some special time to play and develop relationships.

Your cat may destroy these kinds of toys in a matter of a few days, especially if you leave them where your cat can get to them. The good news is that they’re very inexpensive to replace. Prolong the life of these toys by storing them in a place that isn’t easily accessible to your cat when they aren’t in use to get a few more play sessions out of each toy. 

What About Laser Pointer Toys?

While laser pointer toys undoubtedly entertain animals, they may not be the best option. Think about how it feels when someone shines a light right in your eyes. Your cat can’t express if the laser is bothering them, and repeated exposure to the laser may be harmful to your cat’s vision. 

It’s easy to avoid shining the laser in your cat’s eyes when you’re operating the laser, but that’s not the case with automatic or interactive laser toys. These toys will flash their lasers indiscriminately, which may be harmful to your cat. 

Err on the side of caution and try to keep lasers out of the equation. If your cat likes twinkling lights or lights they can chase, LED light strips may be a better option. 

Keeping Your Cat Active and Well

Cats need to play. If left to their own devices, most cats would sleep for the majority of the day. When they’re awake, they need to expend a little more energy than the bare minimum it takes to walk to their food dish or litter box. Providing your cat with engaging toys and spending time with them helps to keep your cat active and vital. 

Older cats may be reluctant to play. It isn’t unusual for older cats to experience joint discomfort or hindrances with their mobility. That’s where VETCBD comes into play.

VETCBD’s CBD tincture is perfect for older cats who need a little bit of relief before they’re ready to get up and play. 

Our CBD is formulated by vets specifically to support the wellness of your pets. CBD can help to support joint mobility for older cats. It won’t get them high or stimulate their appetite. It simply provides wellness benefits that make it easier for your cat to live a happy, playful life.



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