Can Dogs Have Avocado Oil?

Olive Oil

If you’re scrambling up a plain egg for your dog, you’re probably wondering what you can put in the pan to keep that egg from sticking. If you already use avocado oil in your kitchen, it seems like a no-brainer to add a splash to the skillet before you toss the eggs in. But before […]

Diapers For Dogs In Heat – Do They Work?

Dog Diaper

If your dog is in heat, you might feel a little overwhelmed attempting to handle the situation. Behavioral changes, mood swings, and cleaning up messes are a normal part of your dog’s cycle. Here’s what you need to know about keeping her comfortable, and how doggy diapers might be able to help. What Does it […]

Can Dogs Eat Yams and What Will Happen If They Do?

Blog image

If your dog likes to hang out with you while you’re cooking or eating, you’ve probably noticed that they are interested in every move you make. Dogs may long for a bite of a burger or bacon, but what should you do when your dog takes an interest in unexpected foods, like fruits and vegetables? […]

Can Dogs Eat Spinach?

Spinach in a bowl

Spinach is a controversial vegetable. Many people turn their noses up at the mere mention of spinach. Your kids might even sneakily slip their spinach to your dog under the table. Is it safe if they do? If your dog is showing an interest in spinach, here’s what you need to know about the benefits […]

Why Does My Dog Lick the Air?

Dog licking air

If your dog is licking the air, they probably look a little funny. It’s easy to imagine why a dog might lick a plate clean. It’s a little more abstract to see your dog licking the air, seemingly attempting to taste nothing. Your dog’s senses work a little differently from yours, and licking is an […]

Are Sphynx Cats Hypoallergenic?

Sphynx Cat

If you love cats but allergies prevent you from having most cats in your home, a sphynx cat seems to be an obvious choice. They don’t have fur, and therefore, they can’t shed like most other cats. On the surface, it seems like they should be hypoallergenic. The truth is a mixed bag. It would […]

Can Dogs Eat Guacamole?

Eating Guacamole

As a dog parent, you’re probably surprised by the things your dog seems to want to eat. Dogs are very curious, and they’re drawn to unique smells. There’s a lot going on in your bowl of guacamole, and your dog is probably curious about what it might taste like. As a responsible pet owner, you […]

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