How To Tell If Your Cat Is Depressed

Tabby Cat

Many cat owners turn to their cats for emotional support when they’re feeling down. They don’t realize that there are just as many occasions when a sad cat would like to turn to their human loved one for the same reasons. The dynamic with your cat should involve some reciprocity. Your cat knows when you […]

How To Tell If Your Dog Is Stressed Out

Dog on pier

Some dogs are very expressive. They’re great communicators who are quick to tell you exactly how they’re feeling and what they want in terms you can understand. Other dogs don’t quite have strong communicative abilities, and their behavior leaves their owners confused about what might be going on. If your dog’s behavior has been unusual […]

Is Cinnamon Bad For Dogs?


If your dog is taking an interest in something cinnamony your family is eating, you’re probably wondering if it’s safe to let them have a bite. Cinnamon is a unique spice that poses a wealth of potential wellness benefits, and in some cases, it may be safe for your dog to consume. It all depends […]

How Should You Place A Prong Collar On a Dog?


If you’ve recently adopted a dog or if your puppy is old enough to start going on walks, it’s not unusual to encounter a little bit of difficulty with leash training. Dogs may get excited, fearful, or overwhelmed by new surroundings. They may not inherently understand the dynamic of a walk, where you’re leading from […]

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?


Many cats take an active interest in their human parent’s activities. From time to time, your cat may follow you around to learn what you’re doing and understand your habits. Most of the time, this following behavior doesn’t indicate that anything is amiss. Although your cat’s clinginess may be a little disruptive when they’re dancing […]

CBD Retail Products Every Pet Owner Should Try

Dog and Cat

CBD is slowly working its way into the average consumer’s everyday life. An increasing amount of the products we use every day to feed ourselves and keep our bodies well are made from hemp or hemp-derived CBD. CBD retail products are ubiquitous and have developed loyal followings. Recently, CBD-infused products have been popping up at […]

Why Do Dogs Lick Your Feet?

Yorkie with tongue out

Many of the things your dog does are absolutely adorable. Some of them are a little on the gross side. Depending on your outlook, some behaviors fall somewhere in between. As much as you love spending time with your dog, you probably think it’s a little weird when they unceremoniously begin licking your feet. Here’s […]

Broccoli For Dogs: Is It Safe?


We all love a healthy meal and we all love sharing a healthy meal with our dogs. An easy go-to healthy dish will always be broccoli — it’s easy to find in most grocery stores and it’s just as easy to prepare. But not all of the meals we have are safe to share with […]

Dog Ate 10Mg Edible – What Should I Do?

Yellow Lab

In the event that your dog eats an edible, there are many things you can do to make sure that your dog is okay. As dog owners, we all want to make sure that we do what’s best for them. But sometimes mistakes happen, and our pets get into things that they shouldn’t. As THC […]

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