Golden Paste For Dogs: What Does It Do?

Corgi outside

Many people are seeking to improve their wellness through their diets, and they extend that desire to their pets. There’s definitely value in taking a holistic approach to wellness. Being mindful about the products you use in your home and the food you serve to your family and your pets is always an excellent idea. […]

Dog Constantly Licking? Here’s What’s Going On

Dog with plants

If only dogs could talk. Until technology progresses to the point where pet parents can have meaningful two-way conversations with their furry friends, we’re left with the next best thing.  Your dog attempts to communicate with you in a multitude of ways. Vocalization, gestures, and bringing you things like their toys or their leash are […]

Panic Attacks in Dogs: What To Look Out For

Dog with Paw up

When humans are distressed, we have the ability to communicate our feelings with language and ask for what we need. We also have the ability to meditate on a stressful situation, troubleshoot for a solution, and reason with ourselves. Our canine companions aren’t so fortunate. Dogs, just like people, can have panic attacks. Learning how […]

Signs of Stress in Dogs: What To Look For

Dog close up

You want to make sure your dog is healthy and happy. Health and happiness are both crucial components to a long life full of adventures, cuddles, and memories. Your dog’s emotional and physical wellbeing are inextricably integrated. Stress can have a negative impact on the way your dogs feel, limiting their ability to enjoy their […]

How Much Do Cats Sleep?

Cat close up

You’re probably familiar with the expression “cat nap,” which commonly means to enjoy a short nap between two activities. This expression differs from the reality of a cat nap, because for cats, napping is one of their primary activities. It’s easy to ask yourself “how much do cats even sleep?” when you see your cat […]

Restless Dogs & Getting Them To Calm Down


If your dog seems a bit restless, there could be a number of reasons why they could be exhibiting these behaviors. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your dog calm. What Makes Restless Dogs Restless? Dogs become restless in response to a problem or a situation that’s causing them some sort of discomfort. […]

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