Dog Safe Plants You Can Have in Your House


It’s nice to have some greenery around the house. Plants make a space feel inviting, with some even adding a gentle natural fragrance to your home. But what happens when the dog inevitably scratches or nibbles at your plant? Even the most well-behaved dog is bound to be curious when they see and smell something […]

When Is a Dog Considered a Senior?

Older couple with Golden Retriever

Most people are familiar with the concept of dog years, where one year of a dog’s life is supposedly equivalent to seven years of a human’s life. This is mostly a myth.  Dogs do age at a much more rapid rate than their owners, but aging works on a different scale and varies depending upon […]

Is Fish Oil Good For Dogs: Here’s What To Know

Salmon Oil

Fish oil is a popular holistic wellness supplement for dogs. It’s usually well-tolerated when dispensed in appropriate amounts, and many dog owners feel like they notice a difference in their pet with long-term use.  Fish oil has the potential to offer plenty of health benefits for many dogs, but it’s important to have reasonable expectations […]

How To Train a Dog: A Brief Overview

Dog with person

Most dogs aren’t naturally well-behaved upstanding canine citizens. Even though they’re domesticated, they still have naturally wild instincts and proclivities that are often contrary to living in an orderly household.  Many parents would say that dogs are a lot like toddlers in that regard. Both dogs and toddlers need some extra help to learn manners, […]

Dog Psychology: Here’s What You Should Know

Dog brain illustration

Your dog wants to tell you what they’re thinking. They’d love to be able to clearly and succinctly communicate their needs to you. Sometimes, your dog is successful at doing so nonverbally.  Many owners feel like they have a nearly telepathic connection with their dog. They can tell at a glance if their dog is […]

How To Take Care of a Puppy the Right Way

puppy dog

Almost everyone on the planet loves puppies. They’re adorable and fun. It’s easy to feel tempted to bring a brand new puppy into your home and make them a full-fledged member of your family.  For many people, raising a pup is a rewarding labor of love. For others, it’s a lot more work than they […]

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