Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

Two Schnauzers laying in the grass

There’s nothing that matches simply enjoying the outdoors with your dog. But what if your dog doesn’t quite move like they used to? What if they’re aging and not quite keeping up like before? At VETCBD Hemp, we get it. We want the best for your dog, and not just when it comes to getting […]

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog for Environmental Distress?

Two dogs sleeping at a door -- dogs can experience separation stress or other environmental-related stress causing them emotional distress

Emotional distress is a major issue for many animals, and dogs suffer from it more than you may realize.  Emotional distress leads our dogs to destructive and undesirable behaviors that can even present personality changes.   Your dog may suffer emotional distress from: Being left home alone Being separated from you or other family members and […]

How is CBD Best Absorbed for Animals?

How is CBD Best Absorbed in Animals?; Dog and cat snuggling in the grass

We pop our multivitamins every day without giving them much thought.  It’s part of our health and wellness routine that makes up for the fact we probably don’t get as many of the vitamins and minerals we need in our own diets.  We may also take specialized supplements to address issues that concern us, such […]

How Long Does CBD Stay in a Dog’s System?

How long does CBD stay in a dog's system?; Dog sleeping in the sun

It’s important we as pet owners do everything we can to ensure our dogs have the happiest and healthiest lives possible.  After all, a dog’s job is to play and provide companionship.   How often have we thought about how we can either maximize our dog’s quality of life, or help them maintain the quality of […]

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