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One Fur One Campaign

At VETCBD, we believe business should be used as a vehicle for philanthropy.

That's why for every bottle of tincture purchased from our site, we donate a bottle to charity.

We believe all animals deserve to live good lives. This is our way of helping the helpers, and we invite you to join us.

Wagmor Dog Rescue - VETCBD One Fur One Partner
Featured Non Profit

Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue

Wagmor Pets is committed to preventing cruelty and promoting kindness to animals. They strive to reduce animal suffering and increase animal wellbeing, focusing on rehoming pets to responsible, loving homes where they can thrive and live happy lives.

We've partnered with Wagmor to supply them with our tinctures to support animals in their care suffering from environmental stress, mistreatment, or injuries. Additionally, a bottle of our tincture is included in every adoption bag for an adult dog.

Featured Non Profit

Dogs Playing for Life

We're thrilled to partner with Dogs Playing for Life, a nonprofit with a mission to enhance the quality of life of shelter dogs. Here, they encourage active playtime and minimizing isolation practices, which can negatively impact the wellbeing and mental stability of dogs, in order to increase their chances of adoption.

The team at Dogs Playing for Life use our hemp tinctures to help with calmness and other challenges to support positive behavior and activity.

Dogs Playing for Life - A VETCBD Rescue Partner

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Due to laws in Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota we are unable to ship product to these locations. Additionally, due to state regulations, we are unable to ship our equine formulation to customers in California.

VETCBD Hemp products are made using hemp containing <0.3% THC.

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