Dog Christmas Gifts: CBD Gift Guide

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Dog Christmas Gifts: CBD Gift Guide

If you're looking for awesome ways to celebrate the season with your furry best friend, giving them the gift of CBD allows you to do more for dogs’ overall wellness without much effort. With the holiday season upon us, there's no better time than to manage holiday-related stress than by exploring the potential benefits of CBD.  

Gifting CBD pet products has become popular today because of increased interest and demand in embracing natural ways to optimize our pets' overall health, much in the same way that people are looking to support their diets with clean food, vitamins, supplements and CBD.  

If you’re considering gifting a full-spectrum oil pet products like our Hemp Tincture it’s important to look for a product (like ours!) that is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid product and generally safe with minimal side effects.  

Some of the benefits of CBD include:  

  • Supporting healthy joints
  • Supporting normal brain function
  • Supporting normal GI function
  • Providing a calming effect

Today we want to focus on helping your pet relax, especially during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Similar to how CBD can help people achieve a sense of calm, it can also help pets. There are many factors that can bring about environmental stress in pets (and people!), especially around the holidays when there is a lot of commotion, shiny objects and gatherings of family and friends. Managing your pet's temporary stress with CBD can work well together with plenty of interactive toys, playtime, and regular exercise.  

Giving the gift of wellness is a kind way of showing you care and you want to support someone or a pet’s wellbeing. With your gift of CBD, you can include it in a colorful stuffed holiday stocking together with other favorite gifts for your (or a loved one’s) furry friend.  

We've compiled some information about CBD gifting that includes CBD buying tips for pet specialty products to boost your pet's health. If you're thinking about holiday gifting, you can even send along some tips to your family and friends on how to use cannabidiol tinctures and how they've helped your own pets.   

First things first, let’s give you an overview of cannabidiol.

Our CBD: A Quick Primer

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis-sativa plant. As mammals have an endocannabinoid system, cannabinoids like CBD interact with this system to help provide balance or stimulation when needed. When it comes to CBD, there are a few different types of extractions offering an array of benefits. Studies have shown that full-spectrum extracts, like our VETCBD Hemp pet tincture, provide greater benefits than CBD isolates (oftentimes labeled ‘pure CBD’ which can be misleading in the sense that it encourages people to think it’s more beneficial for CBD to be ‘pure’ which actually isn’t the case). Full-spectrum CBD oils include all the cannabinoids available in the plant where it’s been shown through studies that cannabinoids working together synergistically is more effective than when working alone.   

When you administer our veterinary-formulated cannabidiol, you'll be assured to know that our expertise in the hemp niche allows for optimal product efficacy and true, carefully crafted quality.  

So whether you’re looking for something to help calm your dog during potentially environmentally stressful holiday gatherings, or even if you're shopping for a natural supplement to just help your pet thrive, we've got it.  

Our cannabinoid-rich hemp is 100% organic, vegan-friendly, and grown in full compliance with the Department of Agriculture's industrial hemp laws. All our CBD products are triple-tested at state-licensed labs to ensure you get a safe and transparent pet product every time. When tested by these state-licensed labs for potency, pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and bacteria, you end up with a safer and higher-quality CBD pet product.   



Before administering any cannabidiol pet products, you'll need to consult with your dog's veterinarian to check potencies and to check the dosage for your furry friend. Find out whether there are any adverse reactions if combined with other pet meds they may be on.   

Our formula lasts between 8-12 hours, and you can administer a second dose 12 hours after the first CBD dose. Your pet will typically begin to feel the effects of cannabidiol within the first one to two hours, so it’s important to pre-plan a bit if you know your dog tends to be a bit restless around the family during the holidays.   


Not All CBD is Created Equal

When purchasing pet CBD products, you'll need to keep in mind that not all pet CBD products are equal. Some products may not have been derived from regulated sources. That means that they could contain harmful substances or contaminants that may harm you or your pet.  

Purchasing a veterinary-formulated cannabidiol pet product ensures product safety and optimal efficacy. If you purchase any CBD pet product without doing your research, you could end up with contaminants that could include the following:  

  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides
  • Molds
  • Synthetic cannabinoids like AB-Fubinaca

A new study explains the dangers of purchasing just any CBD product without doing your research. The College of Psychiatric and Neurological Pharmacists adds that synthetic cannabinoids are psychoactive and are becoming popular with their easy availability and also because standardized drug testing does not detect synthetic cannabinoids. These are more potent and can cause extreme harm resulting in dangerous toxicity.  

That said, with a high-quality CBD pet product, there are minimal negative effects and risks. Cannabidiol is known to be well-tolerated and generally safe for most pets.   

As always, speak to your veterinarian so that your pet's optimal well-being comes first. If your dog or the dog you want to gift CBD to has health issues, it's important to have a diagnosis before purchasing or adding any cannabidiol pet product to their routine.


How to Choose a CBD Gift for Pets 

  1. Look for proper and accurate labeling and dosage instructions
  2. Examine the CBD product and identify what the CBD product does and does not contain (look for both the good and bad!)
  3. Examine where and how it was manufactured
  4. Watch out for misleading labels
  5. Research the 3rd party labs associated with your CBD product

Cannabidiol can be combined with glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric, and other ingredients to help support mobility and joint health. You'll also find other ingredients added in different CBD products like ginger and oregano added for relaxation.  

Pet chews, and other CBD full-spectrum hemp oil pet products like lotions, tinctures, topical salves, and transdermal patches are also best-selling products. Numerous product lines feature favorite flavors like pumpkin, sweet potato, blueberry, turkey, and chicken.  

Opt for CBD pet products made in the U.S. or Canada. Treats that combine superfoods for the best results and are available in tasty flavors make for great gifts.  

Oils, usually in bottles with droppers, are easy to use and especially appreciated during the frantic holiday season. CBD topicals for dogs are good to use for active pets, while edibles like chews and treats are convenient and easy-to-give to picky pups. Topical salves are helpful for dogs that need some soothing for itchy skin.   

Even with tons of great products available, full-spectrum oils are the most ideal because they’re the most effective, with the oil extracted from the entire plant. Full-spectrum CBD pet products not only provide health benefits to pets, but CBD oil-based pet products with full-spectrum hemp oil embrace well-being with the use of multiple cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBDa.  

Studies have shown that full-spectrum cannabidiol extracts allow for more benefits than a cannabidiol isolate. This is because of the synergistic effects known as the "entourage effect" when combining multiple cannabinoids that work together.   


VETCBD Hemp’s high-quality full-spectrum hemp oil is perfect for holiday gifting, even if it’s for your own pup!  

VETCBD Hemp offers organic full-spectrum hemp oil that is free of pesticides and contaminants and is non-GMO. We are also a vegan brand that has our product rigorously tested by state-licensed laboratories. Using the CO2 extraction method to enhance safety and purity, we’re proud to feature high-quality cannabidiol pet products for maximized health benefits.  

The right CBD oil allows your pets to live their best lives. Today, thanks to all the recent research, we understand just how beneficial cannabidiol really is for both pets and people, which makes it the ultimate “I care about you” gift, so grab one for your furry loved one today!    


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