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CBD Dosage for Soothing

If you’re considering giving your pet CBD to help soothe them, there are a lot of factors at play. Every company produces a different formulation at a different concentration, so the answer is never as simple as “five drops” or “a teaspoon.”

Before you present CBD to your furry family member, here’s what you need to know about what to expect from CBD, when the benefits will become apparent, and how much CBD your pet will need. 

The First Step Is Always a Conversation With Your Vet

If you believe your pet is struggling with irritation or swelling, this isn’t an issue you should be handling on your own. Your pet needs a proper examination by a veterinarian to rule out or diagnose any underlying disease that could be contributing to that irritation.

While CBD may play a beneficial role in your pet’s wellness, it is not the first and last stop for your pet’s needs. Your veterinarian may recommend dietary changes, an increase in exercise, or prescription medication for a specific condition. Only use CBD products for your pets if your vet agrees that they may impart benefits that will support the overall wellness of your pet. 

Why Use CBD?

Pets cannot take human drugs that combat swelling. They can cause complications like ulcers or gastrointestinal bleeding. Pets that need anti-inflammatory drugs can only take vet-specific drugs under close supervision and for short periods of time. These medications don’t function as a long-term solution.

CBD is safe for daily use with veterinarian approval. It isn’t known to cause any long-term adverse effects, and it’s well tolerated by animals. For animals who need soothing relief from occasional discomfort, CBD is one of the best and most viable solutions. 

Unlike joint supplements, CBD works to ease feelings of discomfort and tension. CBD can be used with joint or wellness supplements like fish oil for maximum effect. The CBD eases the tension, and the fish oil nourishes the body with healthy omega fats that may contribute to long-term joint health.

The Holistic Wellness Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

CBD isn’t a one-trick pony. It’s an all-encompassing holistic wellness support supplement that may provide benefits in many areas of your pet’s life. This is part of the reason why CBD is so popular among people who use it for themselves and for their pets. CBD’s versatility is incomparable to many wellness supplements. 

Supporting Regular Brain Health

CBD is a natural neuroprotectant. It works to support the health of neurons over time to help keep your pet sharp and witty, even if it means they continue sneaking treats off the counter thinking you don’t notice!

Supporting Digestive Health

CBD interacts with the immune cells present in the digestive tract and works to support digestive tract function. Dogs with occasional constipation or upset tummies may benefit from the use of CBD. Feed your dog a diet designed to promote digestive health and use CBD as a complementary supplement. 

Promoting a Calm Mood

CBD is especially helpful for pets who encounter temporary environmental stress. If that special shirt for thunderstorms isn’t doing much, CBD likely will. CBD’s calming benefits can ease emotional tension during fireworks, extreme weather, or car rides. It may also be helpful for pets who don’t enjoy it when it’s your turn to host family gatherings, or when the contractors come to tile the bathroom. 

Supports the Body’s Natural Soothing Response

CBD has been found to be potentially beneficial for supporting the way the body soothes feelings of tension bones and joints. We know that in pets, CBD can work to support overall joint mobility, as well. 

How Much CBD To Give Your Pets for Soothing

CBD dosage is standard — it doesn’t matter what concern you’re looking to target. More CBD won’t necessarily produce greater effects. The key isn’t in large doses, but in patience. CBD does impart some benefits within a couple of hours, but its benefits primarily accumulate over time. Proper dosage and consistency of use is what will make a noticeable difference.

While there is no standard recognized dose for CBD, many veterinarians generally agree on a range. 

For Dogs

The appropriate dosage for dogs is between 1 to 5 mg per 10 pounds of body weight, but 2 to 4 mg is likely going to produce better results. Start with 2 mg and monitor your dog’s progress. 

For example, if your dog is 25 lbs, start with about 2 mg doses of CBD twice per day — the second dose is ideal about eight to ten hours after the first dose. 

Raise the dose by 1 mg if your dog doesn’t seem to be experiencing the benefits after two weeks. You can continue to raise the dosage by 1 mg every two weeks if necessary until you’ve reached 5 mg. 

For Cats

Cats have fewer cannabinoid receptors than dogs and may need slightly more CBD to experience substantial benefits. Start your cat on 4 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight. You can increase to 5 mg after two weeks if necessary.

How Often To Give Your Pet CBD

The benefits of CBD can last anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. It all depends on your pet’s size and metabolism. At first, give your pet CBD every 12 hours. If it seems as though the benefits are wearing off before the 12-hour mark, try every 10 hours. If 10 hours is still too long, go to 8 hours. Don’t give your pet CBD more frequently than every 8 hours. 

VETCBD Hemp is Designed for Your Pets

Our CBD oil for pets is made from American-grown hemp and extra virgin olive oil. We formulated our products under the supervision of our veterinarian board. They’re triple lab tested for purity, quality, and safety. Your dog deserves the best, and we’re here to provide it. 

Our CBD tincture comes with a plastic syringe to measure the appropriate dose. Plastic, unlike glass droppers, won’t shatter if your pet bites down. If your pet isn’t a fan of the syringe, you can mix the CBD with a little bit of mashed banana or unsweetened, unsalted peanut butter to sneak your pet their daily dose.

Our CBD topical balm works to target localized discomfort. If your pet experiences joint discomfort, just massage the balm right in. It’s completely safe if your pet licks the skin after you apply the balm, too!


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